Usage – Target Gift Card

MyBalanceNow is an easy-to-use website where users can check the balance on their Target Gift Cards by going to This platform is easy to use, and users can also use its extra features, such as transaction history, tracking expenses, managing PINs, etc.

target gift card balance

You can do many things with a Target Gift Card. Target Gift Cards are popular among shoppers in the United States who like to shop a lot. Users should know that the Target Gift Card can only be used in the United States and the District of Columbia.

Target Gift Card – Usage

Target Gift Card can be used for various purposes. here are the few usage people do normally:

In Store Purchase: 

The Target Gift Card can be used at any Target store in the United States and the District of Columbia.

Here are the steps to use the card to purchase things in a store:

  • Give Your Card To Cashier at Store, Make Sure you have enough balance in your target card before purchasing anything at store.
  • Select credit transaction and then sign to finish the transaction.
  • if you want to buy something with your debit card, you can use your 4 Digit PIN.

Online Purchase:

If you want to purchase anything online you can make that by your Target Gift Card , Here are the steps :

  1. Select the payment method , Choose the card & Enter Your PIN
  2. Enter The Billing Details
  3. Make The payment

Apart from that you can make the payment at the selected Gas Stations , While filling the gas make sure you have minimum balance of $100+ Gas Price as normally gas stations keep $100 place a hold of that amount.

If you are visiting any restaurants you can also make the payment from your Target Gift Card, Restaurants normally add 20% of total amount as a tip so be aware about it and keep the enough balance into it.