MyBalanceNow Benefits

If you’re confused about what gift to get for your near and dear ones, then purchasing a Target Gift Card is the best choice. With the Target Gift Card, the receiving person can actually go ahead and purchase something that is of real value to them. Moreover, they can also use the MyBalanceNow website to check their gift card balance without even having to visit a Target store physically.

target gift card balance

If you aren’t familiar with the MyBalanceNow website by Target, then today we are here with a quick overview of the benefits you get to enjoy by using the platform.


Target Gift Card Benefits

If you choose to buy a Target gift card, then below are the benefits you’ll get to enjoy.

  • Supported Both Online/Offline: The Target gift cards are supported across various merchants, both online and offline, across the United States and the District of Columbia wherever Visa/Mastercard debit cards are accepted.
  • Funds That Won’t Expire: There is no expiry date associated with the funds in your gift cards. Thus, you can use them whenever you wish to.
  • No Purchase Fee: There is no additional fee upon paying using the gift card, either online or offline. So, you can be assured that you only pay for what you buy with gift cards.
  • Secure Storage and Transaction: The gift cards store data in them using secure encryption techniques and are also secure during transaction processing. Thus, you do not have to worry about losing your gift card balance at all.

MyBalanceNow Benefits

So, the MyBalanceNow portal is an online website that is operated by the Target team. The purpose of this website is to make the lives of people who own a Target gift card easier.

Regardless of whether you own a Target Visa Gift Card, Target Mastercard Gift Card, or Target Visa Prepaid Gift Card, you can utilize the MyBalanceNow website to improve your experience of using the gift card.

Below are the highlight features of the MyBalanceNow portal that you can enjoy.

  • Individual Account Access: Each user with a Target gift card will have access to their own unique MyBalanceNow account. This way, the user can only view information about their own gift card(s) and see their past payments only.
  • Access All the Time: The MyBalanceNow portal is available 24/365. Thus, you can use the platform and access all the information related to your gift card at any time at your convenience. All you need is a device with an internet connection and a web browser installed on your device.
  • View Past Payment History: Are you confused about where your gift card(s) was used in the past? Well, worry no more. The MyBalanceNow portal has a dedicated section wherein you can view all the past payments that were done using your gift card. This way, you get to know in detail the locations where the gift card you own was used for payments.
  • Report Lost/Stolen Gift Card: In case your gift card gets stolen/lost, then you can immediately report the same by logging into the MyBalanceNow portal.
  • Request for Replacement Gift Card: In case your lost/stolen gift card had some balance in it, then you can request a replacement gift card as well using this portal.