MyBalanceNow Customer Support

MyBalanceNow is the official website wherein people can log in and view the balance on their Target prepaid cards and gift cards. Thus, anytime you have a confusion about the balance on your Target gift card or Target prepaid card, you do not have to go to a Target store to enquire about it.

About Target MyBalanceNow Prepaid Gift Cards

To make the lives of customers easier, Target has launched a series of gift cards / prepaid cards that can be utilized for a variety of purposes. The gift cards & prepaid cards issued by Target aren’t restricted to use within the brand’s outlets but can be used in several other places as well.

There are three different prepaid cards/gift cards offered by Target:

  1. Visa Gift Card.
  2. Mastercard Gift Card.
  3. Visa Prepaid Gift Card.

Important Points to Note About Target Prepaid Cards and Target Gift Cards

Below are some essential points you need to remember about your Target gift cards or Target prepaid cards to make the best use of them.

  1. Balances cannot be transferred between any Target prepaid cards or Target gift cards.
  2. You cannot get physical cash for the balance in your prepaid/gift card.
  3. The card can only be used for purchases made within supported locations across the United States and the District of Columbia.
  4. If the purchase amount exceeds the gift card/ prepaid card balance, then you can pay the remaining amount by any other payment mode that is supported at the location of purchase.

MyBalanceNow Features

Below is a quick look at the features that the MyBalanceNow account offers to anyone with a Target Visa Gift Card, Target Mastercard Gift Card, or Target Visa Prepaid Gift Card.

  • Ability to check the current balance amount in your prepaid card or gift card.
  • Recharge your prepaid card to maintain balance and utilize it across supported stores and locations.
  • View and keep track of past payments.
  • In case your card gets stolen or lost, you can utilize the MyBalanceNow platform to report the same, and request a new one.

MyBalanceNow Customer Support Numbers

There is a dedicated MyBalanceNow customer support team to address any queries and concerns of people that own Target Visa Gift Cards, Target Mastercard Gift Cards, or Target Visa Prepaid Gift Cards.

Below we have listed the various MyBalanceNow customer support contact numbers you can reach out to, in case of any emergencies or questions.

  • For Visa e-Gift Cards or Gift Cards that begin within 525362 or 409758, you need to reach out to 1-877-867-4873. For all other Visa Gift Cards or e-Gift Cards, reach out to 1-877-867-4873.
  • For Mastercard e-Gift Cards or Gift Cards that begin with 525362 or 409758, call the number 1-877-867-4873. For any other Mastercard Gift Card or e-Gift Card, you can dial 1-800-698-4952.

If you wish to write and post a mail, then you can reach out to the Target MyBalanceNow Customer Care team by posting your mail to the below address:

Customer Care,

PO Box 826

Fortson, GA 31808.

What to Do if Your Target Gift Card or Target Prepaid Card is Lost/Stolen?

In case your Target gift card or prepaid card is lost/stolen, then you need to immediately report the same by calling the MyBalanceNow team at 1-800-698-4952. To authenticate your request, the team may ask for some information to prove your identity and also the card number itself.

The team will be able to block your lost/stolen card and issue a replacement Target prepaid card/ gift card, only if you provide them with the correct card number and if you prove your identity.

It is also important to note that there is no fee associated with the replacement of a stolen or lost prepaid card/gift card.